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The chocolate chip cookie – a tribute

1 de May de 2009


I remember when we first met, the cookie and me.

My mother brought a package from the supermarket. It was beautiful. It was delicious. Had drops of chocolate.

Years later, when we were visiting my older brother who lived in the United States, I found out it was invented there, then improved and reinvented in zillions of different versions – crunchy, soft, crunchy outside and soft inside, cakey, with oats, with nuts, double chocolate. I gained about 5 kilos that holiday – cookie’s fault.

I came home very determined to reproduce the thing myself.

The first recipe we never forget – I used this one for years.  I dropped it because it’s too much work and results in a heavy cookie.  Also, I discovered the  My favorites there are this one and this one.

More recently, in my contact with the food-blogging,  I found an incredible source of new recipes. A new chocolate chip cookie world is now open for me, thanks to those bloggers.  So, here is my humble tribute to this wonderful people who love the chocolate chip cookie as much as I do:

– Patricia, from Technicolor Kitchen these are delicious, and she has many more.

Clumbsy Cookie: this is brilliant …

– Nicole, from Baking Bites:  Baked her cookies in her car on a very hot day.

Cakespy: investigating the cookie in the name of science.

– Anita of Dessert First: a dissection of the most famous recipes. For me, this is the quintessential post on the subject.

And finally, the Cookie Moster, who says it all.

Today, the recipe that you see in the pictures and it’s in my heart is the world famous NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookies.  But tomorrow is another day and, maybe, another cookie.


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