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It’s alive! – Dulce de Leche Flan

25 de September de 2009


Time here has been short – and so will be the story today:

My hubby’s all times favorite dessert are in fact two: flan and dulce de leche.  He likes flan and dulce de leche so badly, he frequently eats both together – the custard completely drowned in the caramel colored sauce. Tell me about a sweet tooth.

Since I’m all about making people happy, I decided to try a little Dr. Dessert Frankenstein experiment, and put the two things together in one creature – the dulce de leche flan. All I can say to you is: “It’s alive!” –  silky, creamy, and the dulce de leche flavor is all there, only in flan form.

Of course Xandoca had to add an extra spoonful of dulce the leche, for “aesthetic purposes”. Ok, if you say so.

What about you: which desserts would you mix together in one “creature”?

Dulce de Leche Flan

  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 790g/ 2 1/2 cups dulce de leche
  • 1 cup milk
  • 6 yolks
  • 1/2 tbsp cornstarch

Caramelize a 20cm/ nine-inch round or tube pan:

Cook the sugar in a saucepan until it’s melted and light amber in color. While it’s hot, pour the caramel in the pan and try to distribute it  to the bottom and sides with a wooden spoon, before it hardens. Set aside.

Preheat oven to 200°C/ 390° F. Place there a large rimmed baking sheet and fill halfway through with hot water.

In a blender, place all the remaining ingredients and beat on high speed until well blended. Pour the mixture in the prepared pan and cover with foil. Place the pan in the baking sheet and bake for 2 hours, or until it’s slightly firm. If the water dries in the meantime, complete with some more.

Let cool and refrigerate for at least 6 hours or overnight.

Run a knife through the flan sides to lose it and turn the flan in a plate. You can heat the bottom of the pan in the stove for a few seconds to melt the caramel a bit.  Serve cold.


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  1. 25 de September de 2009 21:55

    This looks melt in the mouth GORGEOUS! Love flan!

  2. 25 de September de 2009 22:06

    Oh my! This looks SO good!

  3. 25 de September de 2009 22:07

    OMG, that looks DEADLY! You are a kitchen witch, and I may have to make this very very soon, maybe the next time I make macarons since I’ll have all those yolks left over again.

  4. 25 de September de 2009 22:48


  5. 26 de September de 2009 0:41

    two of my favorites as well! my goodness – that would be so dangerous in our house…i know i wouldn’t be able to stop once i started. amazing!!

  6. 26 de September de 2009 19:33

    I think I’m seeing a fantasy come true here … it’s unbelievable how good that looks right now! How I CRAVE this!

  7. 26 de September de 2009 21:38

    That looks so decadently good!

  8. véia permalink
    27 de September de 2009 1:33


  9. 27 de September de 2009 6:59

    Your husband is brilliant!!!! What a winning combo. Can I lick my computer screen PUH-lease!

  10. Patricia permalink
    27 de September de 2009 18:50

    Hello! I´m from Argentina and this is the classical dessert (not cooked together, I mean just flan with dulce de leche) and also the classic/classic is Flan with dulce de leche y crema. Have your husband try that all together!
    Congratulations for this, it looks fantastic!

    • thecookieshop permalink*
      6 de October de 2009 15:25

      Patricia, now I’ll have to make other flan for him – he wants to try the crema thing!

  11. 28 de September de 2009 1:17

    Yes, I’m living in Buenos Aires now, and flan and dulce de leche are on nearly every dessert menu. Yours looks quite good, by the way.

  12. 28 de September de 2009 17:08

    When I was in high school, I won a prize at a regional Spanish Club competition in the cooking category by making flan. Yours looks much, much better that I remember. 🙂 I haven’t made it since!

  13. 28 de September de 2009 19:19

    Oh my!! This looks delicious!! I bet your hubby was more then thrilled with this result 🙂 Not to long ago, I decided to combine the recipe I have for a basic peach cobbler with the recipe I have for apple pie. Using the apple pie filling in place of the peach filling. It turned out good 🙂 I even blogged about it. It’s under my “Autumn Recipes” category in the blog 🙂

  14. 29 de September de 2009 16:14

    This looks so good. Mmm.

  15. 29 de September de 2009 20:12

    You are making a LOT of people very hungry with that photo!

  16. 29 de September de 2009 22:32

    This is both gorgeous and creative… GREG

  17. 29 de September de 2009 23:00

    love it :-)!!!

  18. 30 de September de 2009 11:16

    Looks absolutely perfect and delicious!!!!

  19. 30 de September de 2009 11:20

    This looks gorgeous!

  20. 1 de October de 2009 1:42

    This flan sounds amazing! And it is so great looking!

  21. 4 de October de 2009 4:20

    That looks wicked! But in a good way! A very good way!!! 😉

  22. 10 de October de 2009 22:43

    This looks KILLER!! What a way to go!!! Yummmmm……….

  23. Patricia permalink
    22 de October de 2009 5:12

    Jajaja! Hope he likes the flan with “crema y dulce de leche”!

  24. travelingwilbury permalink
    5 de February de 2010 13:55

    My hat’s off to you for that wonderful photo. Flan de dulce de leche is actually quite common for us in Argentina, is a staple dessert, at least in Buenos Aires. The other one that comes quite close is panqueques con dulce de leche. Have you ever tried them?
    Give them a go!
    Good luck

  25. 27 de July de 2010 19:54

    I just want to say that leche flan is also good in Halo-halo as well as sweet dessert after lunch or dinner in the Phil or anywhere you are. Hey…thanks…………..Ok my comment on this tory will be from scale 1-10 will be no# 10……………Here in Mexico they make that too. But for me since Im a Filipino of course Im a dearest fan of your leche-flan….Ohh the way.that’s a an awesome photo you’ve got there………….It looks so, so, so yummy just by staring @ it. I can’t wait to taste it………..right now.

  26. 28 de July de 2010 15:13

    wow!!!!!!! yummmmyyyy

  27. Elena permalink
    24 de April de 2011 13:49

    !Es maravilloso! Lo veo incluso desde Russia


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