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Playing with Food – Easter eggs and rolled fondant

18 de March de 2010

I wasn’t even thinking of Easter yet, but Xandoca (my chocolatier husband) started with some chocolate egg testing, while I was making some rolled fondant decorations for a cake.

I couldn’t help myself:

Mr. and Mrs. Egg Head, Mr. Potato Head distant cousins

If you wanna make your own chocolate egg shells, there are some good tips here and here, but I think it could be a great idea customize store-bought plain eggs and make it a unique gift.

Some tips:

  • I used rolled fondant for most part of the decorations. Gum paste, candy, sprinkles should do the trick as well.
  • Try to make the decorations first, then put some rubber gloves on to glue them – that will avoid finger marks on the chocolate.
  • To glue the parts, I used candy melts in the same color as the chocolate – I guess royal icing could be used, but I think the candy melts dry a lot faster, making the work easier.
  • Use a small clean brush to apply only a little bit of the “glue” in the decoration, then fix it in the egg.
  • Decorate each half of the egg separately – when everything is dry and fixed, glue the two halves together.
  • To keep the egg in place while drying, make a “nest” with a very clean cloth.
  • If making the decorations freehand is difficult for you, use your cookie cutters! Stars, flowers, hearts, polka dots, letters, they all would look cute decorating the eggs, don’t you think?

Happy Easter!

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  1. 18 de March de 2010 16:39

    Love these!!! What a fun idea!

  2. 18 de March de 2010 19:17

    All this is beautiful !!!!!

  3. 18 de March de 2010 19:22

    wow really awesome. so creative!!

  4. 18 de March de 2010 22:14

    awesome. great idea!

  5. 18 de March de 2010 23:19

    This is just the CUTEST thing ever!!! I’m going to try it, but probably with store-bought plain eggs:) My grandchildren will LOVE them! I do! You are so talented and creative!

  6. 19 de March de 2010 0:20

    Thanks for sending the link to edible crafts! The crazy thing? I already had my post on your incredible Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head written and scheduled for tonight before I even got the link! I absolutely adore these. Pure brilliance (your post will be featured tonight at

  7. 19 de March de 2010 0:38

    I could not help myself and had to drop by! These are way, way too cute. What a ingenious idea!

  8. islandexile permalink
    19 de March de 2010 4:09

    An earlier commenter has posted my exact reaction: brilliant! You are so exceptionally talented. Thanks for sharing

  9. 19 de March de 2010 11:38


  10. 19 de March de 2010 13:21

    You’re killing me! Fantastic!!

    Kim @

  11. 20 de March de 2010 21:03

    How cute! These are absolutely adorable!

  12. 30 de March de 2010 3:39

    Wow!They are so lovely. You’re such a creative person. Amazing creation of yours and it’s really fit coz Easter is fast approaching. Two thumbs up for a job well done.


  13. 31 de March de 2010 2:02

    These are too cute! Love them. Happy Easter!

  14. 31 de March de 2010 5:59

    These are absolutely adorable! I don’t even celebrate Easter, but I want me Mr and Mrs Egg Heads! 😛

  15. Toni Tone permalink
    2 de April de 2010 21:32

    These are gorgeous little decorations. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Easter to you 🙂

  16. 7 de April de 2010 2:55

    So adorable! I’ll definitely keep these in mind for next Easter. 😎

  17. 12 de April de 2010 19:18

    Amazing!! Such beautiful work!

  18. 14 de April de 2010 17:18

    How ADORABLE!! I love the chickens!!!!

  19. 15 de April de 2010 6:32

    So creative & cute easter eggs!!! awesome! 🙂

  20. 25 de April de 2010 14:25

    p.s. I watched the sound of music many times too 🙂

  21. Xenia permalink
    22 de September de 2010 16:27

    it looks really nice!

  22. 25 de March de 2011 14:12

    These are absolutely precious. I laughed out loud when I saw them. My son (almost 2) is obsessed with his Mr. Potato Head and friends, so I have to do this:) BTW- I thought it was so cute, I had to feature it on my blog. Hope you like it:) Happy Friday!

  23. 20 de April de 2011 13:39

    Awesome!! Mr & Mrs Potato Head a winner, and the rabbit works for extra Easter magic. Also, had to mentioned on my blog.

  24. Natalie permalink
    9 de February de 2014 13:08

    These are great. Thanks for the ideas. I’m doing a dem on Monday and this is perfect.


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